Are you doing it BACKWARDS?

I was doing it backwards. Most everyone in the world is doing it BACKWARDS.

You can accomplish the greatest feats in the world, but if you’re lacking connection with yourself and the people you love, it’s never going to be enough. The feeling you hoped for will be replaced with a lonely discontentment.

It’s my life’s passion to end this cycle of loneliness and lack of connection. My whole life has been flipped right-side up…Love has changed EVERYTHING for me. I want to show you how to get there in your own life.

I want you to look back at the end of your days and see a life defined by love rather than fear. A life full of connection and fulfillment not loneliness and lack. It’s time to stop settling for a mediocre life, and the change starts with YOU.

So, join me on this journey of connection…Let’s start creating the world around us we want to see!

Brandon has changed my life, my marriage, and my business all for the better. I could have never imagined a life like I’m living now! ! !
Courtney Thomas Arnold, Owner, Stellar Events
Brandon has transformed my life in every aspect. I started with Brandon 12 months ago on a 12 week plan and I’m still eating up everything he has for me 12 months later with no plan of stopping.
Shay Ratliff, President, Ratliff Marketing Group
I feel much more alive than I have felt in a very long time. I am beginning to feel connected and relevant…just the opposite of what I have been feeling over the last few years!
Rob Pipkin, RN, Encompass Homehealth
“When you ask me how I feel about Brandon the first thing I think is that guy knows his shit about love.” 
Chris Hamilton, Owner, C.E.O KJM Commercial, Inc.
“Deep down I hoped there  was a better way to live, lead and love, but I had no  idea how to get there. Brandon brought me a perspective and clarity that will forever change the way I live my life, and for that, I am truly thankful.”
Chad Crady, Entrepreneur
“Brandon has been able to bring renewed focus to my corporate and personal experiences. I have experienced gains in efficiencies professionally, and have felt connected to my friends and family at a much larger measure.​​”
Thomas Griffin, Founder of Emineo Art Gallery
“I always take note when I meet people who are willing to follow their conscience even at great cost to their own self-interest. Then I know I’ve found someone whose thoughts I can give great weight to and whom I can trust. Brandon Hawk is one of those people.”
Wayne Jacobson, Co-Author of The Shack
“Brandon Hawk inspires YOU to be your true authentic self. He prompts new ways of thinking that build spirit, self-awareness, cooperation and productivity.”
Tim Adams, CEO, Alliance Auto Auction
Are you doing it backwards?

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